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What if Your Business Had a Rating Like This?

To the right is the listing for my barber. When I was looking for a new barber shop in my neighborhood, I came across that listing.

4.7 out of 5 Stars with 89 Reviews

I didn’t even bother to search any further. I was dazzled with the quality and quantity of reviews. I didn’t even bother to read any of the reviews; I went to their website and booked a haircut.

Would you like to know their secret?

The secret was an automated review getting system.

To quote the owner, “It was the best thing I ever did for my business.”

4.7 out of 5stars - 89 reviews

How Does it Work?

Because they have such a powerful effect on potential customers at the moment they are deciding whether or not to spend money with your business, online reviews are probably the single most important marketing tool that you can use.

But, you can’t do anything – your customers have to spread the word about your company.

More reviews and higher star ratings mean more customers – but how to make that happen?

Feedback Flood is the answer…

Create a Review Getting System

Feedback Flood is based on a marketing tool called a funnel. A funnel is simply as a set of steps that lead prospects through a process to achieve the desired outcome. It’s called a funnel because it typically takes a larger number of prospects at the top to achieve a certain number of desired outcomes. For example, if we want to get 10 new reviews a month, it may mean we have to send 50 clients into the top of our funnel.

Feedback Flood presents you with an optimized funnel. This means that we send more of your customers into your funnel, and the funnel has been engineered to get the maximum number of responses.

With this system, you may get 10 new reviews – all 4 or 5-stars, for every 20 new customers that you request feedback from.

Let’s take a closer look at how the funnel does its magic…

1. Systematically send customers to your funnel by emailing or texting them a short and simple question. From there, we route the happy customers to the review sites that you want to flood with positive reviews.

the top of the review getting system funnel

2. We increase the volume of your reviews by systematically asking, reminding and guiding your customers – in a way they are happy to respond to. We walk (only) happy customers through the process with specific instructions for your chosen review sites.

First stage of getting more reviews - ask and then send happy respondents to review sites.

3. Get a second chance (and gather valuable information about what your business needs to do better) with unhappy customers, by guiding they away from review sites, and towards an internal service recovery process.

service recovery with unhappy customers

4. See your results in graphic form by viewing our beautiful reports in your dashboard. See the number of reviews and your star rating climb as well as actionable insights that show how to boost your review getting campaign towards even better results.

campaign reports for reviews

5. Increase trust on your website by automatically pulling all your latest 4 and 5-star reviews onto your website with our simple plugin. This will also help with SEO by providing search engines with a source of freshly updated relevant content on your site.

embed latest reviews on a website


Which Sites Does It Work With?

There are two different types of external websites that integrate with the Feedback Flood system.

1.) Sites Where You Want to Get More Reviews

As you look at this list, be reminded that our system can add a custom link to any site (for example a hyper-local or industry specific review site for your city), so you can send reviewers to any site where you want to improve your reputation.

We will also add any larger site to our platform at your request and of course, we are always monitoring the review site landscape and adding any sites that are deemed important or upcoming.

Follow this link to see the full and current list of 118 supported review sites.


Supported Major Review Sites.


2.) Sites That Are Monitored via Your Dashboard

The following sites can be added via your dashboard to allow at-a-glance monitoring and replying to all your business’s reviews in one centralized location.

Credit Karma
Dr. Oogle
Great Schools
Private School Review
Yahoo! Local

Feedback Flood’s Features

a funnel for getting more reviews

A Funnel for Getting Reviews

Make reviewing your business easy for your customers. You’ll receive a short web address and landing page to send to customers.

  1. Simple steps make it easy and comfortable for customers.
  2. Automated process to make it easy for you.
  3. Designed with one purpose – get more reviews.
  4. Send customers only to the reviews site that matter for your business.
  5. Guide reviews to the sites that are easy for them – ie. that don’t require a login.

A Second Chance with Unhappy Customers

The system will identify any unhappy customers and guide them into direct contact with you via email or phone, so you can have a chance to help them before they feel the need to go online to tarnish your reputation. Unhappy customers identify their dissatisfaction in step one of the funnel, and we steer them towards you and/or your staff to resolve any disputes privately.

  • Give your staff a second chance to turn a negative customer into a happy one.
  • Give the upset customer a chance to be heard.
  • Reach out to unhappy customers before they bad-mouth your business on a review site.

Filter out unhappy customer before they leave reviews and Get More positive Reviews

Monitor All Your Reviews In One Place

review dashboard and monitoring

Automatically gather reviews for your business from any of dozens of review sites and display them in one page on your personal dashboard.

Monitoring your online reputation now takes seconds, whereas without a tool like this it can be nearly impossible.

Find Out Instantly When you Receive a New Review

Our system not only monitors dozens of sites for reviews of your business, but it notifies you instantly via email whenever a new review shows up.

You’ll never be surprised again by a review, and you’ll be able to quickly respond to and ward off any damage that may be caused by a negative review.

review alerts

Mobile-Friendly. Your Reviewers Can Use Any Device

mobile friendly review system helps Get More Reviews

Over 50% of traffic on the web is smartphones. One reason why people don’t leave reviews is that it’s difficult with a phone. No more. Our review funnel adapts to whatever device your customer is using and displays messages that are perfectly fitted to that screen, including touch screens for smartphones and tablets, making it much simpler to get more reviews.

Automatically Post Your Best Reviews Directly to your Website

As we aggregate your business reviews from across the website, you have the option of sending 4 and 5-star reviews (or any that you choose) directly to your website with a simple piece of code or plugin.

  • Automatically display your latest and best reviews and which site they came from to your website visitors to increase trust in the quality of your business.
  • Selectively show or hide or edit review snippets – you have full control.
  • Bring in more search engine traffic as you reap the benefit of fresh content supplied by your customers.
embed the latest reviews on your website automatically


General Questions

What is Feedback Flood?

Feedback Flood is a suite of tool that helps you gather feedback from your customers and post that feedback in the form of reviews to popular review sites. The result is more reviews, higher ratings and ultimately more customers for your business.

What are the Benefits To Using Feedback Flood?

By increasing the number of reviews and the rating score of your business, you create a more positive reputation for your brand. Google sends massive numbers of people looking for businesses like yours to review sites such as Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor and many others. Feedback Flood improves your reputation at these sites (and any others you choose to target) by getting more reviews and this influences potential customers in a positive way when they are deciding which business is best for their needs.

Do I need to Have My Own Website?

No, the Feedback Flood system provides you with a landing page on our site that you can use to start the review process. You can also use Feedback Flood in Kiosk mode by providing an iPad or tablet computer at your establishment that customers can use to leave reviews.

Can Review Requests be Sent Automatically?

Feedback Flood can work fully automatically with any system that allows for automated access to client data via an API (application programming interface).

If we don’t support it already we will build an adapter at no cost to you.

An example of this type of system would be MindBody – it allows us to create a fully automated review request system for your business.

Booking systems such as Yelp’s SeatMe, do not have an API available, therefore you would need to spend a minute or two every couple of days to add your customers from that system into Feedback Flood. If you are unsure of how it will work with your customer management or booking engine, drop us a line and we’ll let you know for sure.

Getting Reviews

Isn’t It Easier to Just Buy Reviews?

While there are a lot of sites like Fiverr that offer to sell fake reviews, we strongly advise against this tactic. Review sites are becoming better at detecting and punishing businesses that engage in this type of unethical activity. But even if your purchased reviews do make it past the quality filters, consumers have very well-tuned radar and a review that isn’t authentic well put them off, or a least not add anything valuable to their research of whether or not to trust your business. In short, there is a massive difference between authentic reviews provided by your customers and fake reviews written by someone who has never used your services.

Can Reviews Help My Business Get More Visitors from Google?

Yes, in two ways. First, by having more reviews on reviews sites, your pages on these sites will be more attractive to Google and will pull in more traffic. Secondly, by using our review stream widget on your site, you will be publishing, automatically, all of your 4 or 5-star reviews, from any review site – to your site. Not only is fresh content a ranking factor on Google but our review widget uses Google structured data markup to send Google search result enhancing meta-data like star ratings, that will help attract more visitors from search results pages.

How Does Feedback Flood Help Increase My Star Rating on Review Sites?

Feedback Flood provides you with a review “funnel.” The first step in the funnel is to ask customers if they were happy or unhappy with their experience with your business. After this first screening step, we only ask the happy customers to leave a review on a public review site. The unhappy customers are sent to an internal “customer recovery” process.

Billing Questions

What Types of Payment Can I Use?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We accept online payments, but if you’re not tech-savvy or don’t want to, call us at 623-455-6362 and we’ll do the payment for your and setup your account so you can get started getting more reviews immediately.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

No, never. All our billing is month to month and you are free to cancel at any time.

Is there a Guarantee?

Yes, if you don’t think Feedback Flood is right for your business, for any reason, simply let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your current month’s fee. No hassle, no bother. Ask and you get you current month’s money back. *No fine print!

How Do I Get Started?

Feedback Flood costs only $47/month (plus a one-time setup fee of $97) for a single location business.

Includes: A suite of tools to get more reviews 

  • a complete review-funnel system
  • SMS (text message) campaigns
  • pre-empt negative reviews
  • automated email campaigns
  • collect reviews on location with “kiosk mode”)

Also Included: Review monitoring tools

  • Monitor all major and industry-specific review sites
  • Get instant alerts for any new reviews
  • Automatically stream your latest positive reviews to your website
  • Track improvements in ratings and review volume with reports

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