Dealing with the Worst 1-Star Review Ever


What makes this the worst 1-star review I’ve ever seen? It’s not because it’s so horrible, it’s because it’s so good. It’s actually the best 1-star review I’ve ever seen. The reviewer makes none of the mistakes that make is easy for a business owner to defend themselves. The Original Review from Google Two years […]

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10 Business Review Sites That You Won’t Believe Exist

As I research and spend time writing responses on business review sites, I secretly started to collect a bunch of the wackiest, most interesting and most shocking sites that collect reviews. The following is the list of the 10 most surprising. Yet, as I am a huge fan of feedback and reviews, I’m sure in […]

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12 Reasons You Must Claim Your Business on Yelp

business on yelp with an unclaimed page

12 Reasons You Must Claim Your Business on Yelp Quick Navigation Intro – Instant Reputation Improvement#1 – You’ll Get More Customers#2 – Claimed Pages make $8,000 More#3 – Respond to Reviews#4 – Contact Reviewers Privately#5 – Upload Your Great Pictures#6 – Show Up Higher in Google#7 – Fix Errors in Your Yelp Page#8 – Notifications of New […]

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How to Get More Impact from “Google My Business”


Pimp Out your Page and Manage your Reviews to Pull in More Customers Executive Summary Some key points for those a hurry: Your Google+ page is arguably the most important representation of your business on the web. An “unclaimed” Google business listing looks unprofessional. To respond to reviews on your page, you need to verify […]

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13 Surprising Facts about Online Customer Reviews

The Hazardous World of Online Business Reviews

Love ’em or hate ’em, online customer reviews are getting more popular — and the impact they wield on your business is massive. Executive Summary Some key points for those a hurry: Consumers rely more and more on review sites to reduce research time before buying For 53% of people, receiving great service triggered the […]

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Why People Hate GoDaddy

Customers Hate GoDaddy

And How to Make Sure Your Customers Don’t Hate You. Key Points – Executive Summary: If you neglect your clients’ emotional needs, even if you take care of their practical problem, they’ll still feel “wronged.” To help people who are having problems, you must be able to empathize, and to do that you must be […]

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