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As a consumer and long-time marketer, I believe that customer service is the number one area where businesses can distinguish themselves from the competition. Review sites represent the cutting edge of customer service – they empower your clients to make or break your business. Making vigilant online review management, either in-house, or outsourced, a critical and often overlooked marketing channel.

As a professional writer and marketer, I have the unique skills to enter the high-stakes discussion on behalf of your business and recover disgruntled customers and more importantly, create a winning impression for all future readers of your review page.

This affordable monthly service takes review management completely off of your plate and puts it into the hands of someone that understands how to get more referrals from sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google and any other social or review platform. Request a free consultation and quote.

The High Cost of Not Actively Managing Reviews

According to a Convergys Corp. study, a typical negative review can cost a business up to 30 customers.

Below is a cost breakdown for an typical restaurant where a customer will spend (on herself and a guest or two) $100 per visit, come in three times a year and talk to eight friends a year about this restaurant.

The cost for this restaurant of having only two negative reviews or social media mentions can conservatively be pegged at $750 a month and $117,000 in lifetime lost revenue. That number would repeat every year that they continue to receive two negative reviews per month.

From this calculation we get a pretty good idea of why it’s worth putting in a bit of effort (or spending a couple hundred dollars a month to outsource) responding to reviews.

Calculating the lost revenue cost of only 2 negative reviews a month.

Calculating the lost revenue cost of only 2 negative reviews a month.

Now let’s run the same example and see the potential when we post a typical response that connects with readers of the review.

Adjustments that can be calculated in due to a winning response are: less lost customers / negative review (5 down from 15), increase in referrals per year (16 up from 8), increase in percentage of referrals that become customers due to strong impression that is made by the review response (40% up from 20%) and I’ve added 15 new customers that read the response and are drawn to try this business.

With a well-written review response, the effects of a negative review can turn into a bump in revenue.

With a well-written review response, the effects of a negative review can turn into a bump in revenue.

The calculation still shows quite a high loss because we have conservatively estimated that we may still loose 5 customers because of the negative review and because the lifetime value (because of the higher referrals numbers) is much higher.

But the 15 new customers we bring in more than compensate. (Yes the $222k number has already had the $111k subtracted).

Features of Our Online Review Management Service

  • Claim and optimize your profiles on relevant social and review sites.
  • Monitor what your customers are saying about your business on review sites and social media.
  • Post caring responses to reviews, especially negative ones, on your behalf.
  • Provide regular reports identifying trends in complaints or compliments (for you and your nearest competitors).
  • Intercept unhappy customers before they go to review sites and seek resolution.
  • Detect and fraudulent and fake reviews (remove or create appropriate responses that discredit the reviewer).
  • 24 hour response time for every review response.
  • Work with management to develop response style that represents your brand.
  • Escalate only the most critical situations to include your input in service recovery process.
  • Messaging service. Send special offers to anyone that has reviewed your company.

How it Works

Online Reviews Reputation Protection

92% of consumers consult online reviews before they make a purchase.

First we create a complete snapshot of your business’s online reputation on every social and review site that mentions you.

From there we develop an action plan to focus attention on the repairing or developing the sites with the greatest potential.

Setup monitoring to ensure we know about it any time someone mentions your business anywhere on the web.

We work with you to develop a response style that fits your business, so we can respond with your voice and build your brand – be it solemn and professional or gritty and humorous or anything in between.

We respond to every review in under 24 hours with a professionally written, caring and empathetic response.

Escalate to you the business owner, only the most critical situations, so you know your reputation is being well cared for without any time demands on you, abut you’ll still know when something requires a decision that only you can make.

Provide quarterly “intelligence reports” that outline business growth opportunities based on feedback we gather from review sites.

Ours is a complete, set and forget, “done for you” response service… we’re like 911 (that you don’t even have to call) for your reputation.

The Advantages of Using a Review Management Service

  1. Eliminate disasters that come from being defensive or arguing with your customers.
  2. Shield yourself from hurtful insults but still receive valuable business insights and feedback.
  3. Reduce the stress of dealing with upset customers.
  4. Professional responses based on proven relational psychology facilitates turnaround.
  5. Win more customers from review sites – due to higher rankings and a more positive impression.
  6. Receive more positive reviews and valuable feedback due to your increased engagement and responsiveness.
  7. Maximize the potential word of mouth benefits of review sites with minimal time spent.
  8. Have more time to devote to running your business.
  9. Impress your present and future customers with your customer service excellence.
There's no better advertising than when a customer updates their review because of a great response.

There’s no better advertising than when a customer updates their review because of a great response.

What Our Service Means to Your Business

We’ll claim and optimize your page on any relevant review sites, which means you now have control of the dialogue about your business. Your company gets the last word on any reviews, allowing us to turn around any negative impression left by a reviewer.

Real-time monitoring for your brand on social and review sites means we put out any fires before they have time to been seen and shared causing damage your business’s reputation.

Our skillful responses, done on your behalf, build rapport and turnaround upset customers. Just as important they demonstrate care and professionalism to any future readers of the review. Your potential customers are reading these sites before they make buying decisions. A small change in perception of your company can make an enormous difference in the number and quality of referrals from the review site.

Exceptional review responses can go viral. On Yelp and TripAdvisor there are many examples of customers visiting a new establishment or using a new service based solely on an entertaining or high-quality review response.

Our quarterly reports compiling trends in complaints and compliments for your company and your competition will put into your hands vital competitive intelligence on growth opportunities for your business based on what your real customers actually want.

We will put in place for you a review request system which gives us the chance to recover unhappy customers before they leave reviews. With the added benefits of more positive reviews from happy customers.

We’ll detect fraudulent and fake reviews from your competitors, disgruntled staff, and anyone else that breaks the review site’s terms of service. You’ll be protected from damage when we report them and in many cases have them removed. In the rare case, they can’t be deleted, we create responses to discredit the reviewer’s message using facts.

24 hour response time for every review response means your customers know you care and that you value their feedback.

Our system taps into the review sites’ messaging service, allowing us to send offers and promotions to influential reviewers. Want to fill seats in your restaurant before the six o’clock rush? It is far easier to sell to people who have already been your customers. This system allows us to be in touch with the ones who care most about your business – the people who take the time to leave reviews.

We also use this private messaging system to attempt to recover upset customers away from the public website comments.

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